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In order to fully appreciate Polesine, it needs to be discovered: its beauty is hidden to those who travel through it in a hurry. Slow pedaling, on the other hand, allows us to notice colours, harmonies and dimensions. The emotion gradually increases as we travel through Polesine. It is not an immediate passion but a love made of small things because its beauty is never ostentatious; on the contrary, it is hidden in small ‘chests’ that are waiting to be opened like a treasure hunt. Sensitivity to beauty is always the result of values, personal stories and integral cultural background.

With vision, our sense of beauty takes shape and its perception grows by grasping it both directly and implicitly so that the more we ‘learn to see’ the more we actually see. The way we look at and listen to harmonic and disharmonic features of reality makes us grow in sensibility and allows us to understand the deepest meaning of beings and things. Through images, we are presented with a first knowledge of the artistic, cultural and natural wealth of Polesine, we are offered examples of beauty and references to esthetic and historic identities of these places.

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